Sofia Coppola to Direct a Live-Action Version of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid?

Breaking News: It looks like Academy Award winner Sofia Coppola is negotiating to direct a live-action version of Hans Christian Anderson’s classic fairytale The Little Mermaid for Universal Pictures and Working Title (not Disney). Frequent Tim Burton collaborator and screenwriter Caroline Thompson (Edward Scissorhands) is re-writing the script, which would be the first time Sofia isn’t writing a film she’s directing. It looks like previous projects of the film, which even involved Joe Wright at some point, fell through. 

‘Little Mermaid‘ adaptation certainly would be a departure from what Sofia is known for, especially if the film ends up being kid-friendly (PG-13 or PG even), like The Hollywood Reporter is indicating. The original fairytale is fairly twisted and dark, but Sofia always said that she makes movies for “her friends”. It looks like this time she wants to make a film her daughters Romy (8) and Cosima (4) will be able to enjoy. Certainly there will be room to explore themes near and dear to the director’s heart like becoming a young woman, but maybe also loneliness and ennui, who knows.

While I’m worried over how much creative control Sofia will be able to have in a project like this one, which will also undoubtedly have a bigger budget, I’m excited because this means we’ll get another film from her soon. In the meantime let me do some fantasy casting: How about Elle Fanning as the little mermaid? She was absolutely fantastic in Somewhere. I think this is going to be great, but I’m obviously a little biased, so I’ll ask you guys: What do you think? Does this sound cool? Who would you like to play the title role?


  1. Anna (Film Grimoire)

    I heard a rumour that Emma Watson will be the titular mermaid! I’m interested to see how Sofia Coppola would handle the story. Her interpretation would be extremely visually beautiful, no doubt. I’m hoping that she tackles the original, darker fairy tale!

    • Davide Perretta

      Aww, my dream.. *poof* Please not Emma Watson again! I mean she was good in The Bling Ring, but there’s so many other redheads out there or you know someone dye their hair. Also why is she in Noah? Noah didn’t have any daughters.. Stop infiltrating my favorite director’s films Emma!

  2. Alina (literaryvittles)

    Ah this has the potential to be very, very good! I would want someone…darker? I suppose, to play the title role – I don’t think Elle Fanning fits that bill. Maybe someone like… hmm, I really can’t think of anyone at the moment. Not Rooney Mara, but someone closer to that side of the spectrum.

    • Davide Perretta

      How about Sara Paxton? She was a fun siren in Aquamarine 😉 Kidding, I see what you mean. Rooney Mara would be my second choice actually 😀 Big fan. It looks like this will be a family friendly film though, so I don’t know.. Elle is unlikely anyway since she’s already in that other fairytale movie Maleficent, but it’s nice to dream..

      • Alina (literaryvittles)

        Sara Paxton… oh dear. please no. she reminds me of the snooty popular girls in my middle school/high school.
        Thinking on it more, Rooney Mara would be a good choice! She’s pretty, but in an unusual way, and she wouldn’t try to be something she’s not. I have no doubt she would do her research and would be devoted to the original version of the fairytale..

    • Davide Perretta

      I like Juno Temple, but she has a bit of a “trashy” image. Sorry 🙂 Don’t get me wrong I like her, I even thought of her, but it seems a bit off.. Now Mia Wasikowska on the other hand I’m a big fan of! Classy, great actress and would even fit Sofia’s aesthetic I think.

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