Black is White is a blog about everything that is film. And more.

I would like to use this medium as an opportunity to connect with fellow film fans. This should be a safe place to discuss films and your own opinions on them, as you please. Honesty, an open minded attitude and pure love for cinema are the highest values here. Everyone’s tastes are welcome and taken seriously.

At the blog’s heart are the film Reviews. Depending on what I feel in the mood to write about, it will be about new releases or classics. I will also occasionally share some news bits about films I look forward to. Under Briefly you’ll find mini-reviews and interview-reviews sorted in three categories: good, bad and meh. Then there’s Lists, which is basically just me listing films based on a common criterion.

In the Varietà section I will post random things that aren’t necessarily film related. Maybe I will share a personal thoughts, maybe some of my own art, maybe just a random idea that has been floating around my mind.



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