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Interview-Review: Catherine Breillat’s The Last Mistress (2007) or Men: They Couldn’t Be Faithful if They Tried

the last mistress
What’s this movie The Last Mistress? I’ve never heard of it. Tell us about it.
Well, this is a film based on Jules Amédée Barbey d’Aurevilly 1851 novel Une vielle maîtresse (A Former Mistress), which also happens to be the original title of the film. Barbey d’Aurevilly was an aristocrat, a dandy and his works could be classified as romantic. The book was adapted by French auteur Catherine Breillat.  Continue reading

Interview-Review: Incident at Loch Ness (2004) – A Mockumentary about Werner Herzog Documentaries and the Loch Ness Monster

Tell us a little bit about Incident at Loch Ness. What’s this movie about?
Incident at Loch Ness is a mockumentary, a faux documentary, in which a filmmaker wants to make a documentary about Werner Herzog. So Werner Herzog plays himself in this film and he’s followed around by this crew at all times, as he’s working on his latest (fictional) project about the Loch Ness monster. They go to Scotland to film some stories about the monster and Herzog has already made up his mind that the monster doesn’t exist obviously, but *spoilers*: He’s wrong.  Continue reading

Interview-Review: Luis Buñuel’s The Exterminating Angel (1962) – A Discreetly Charming Essay of Bourgeois Critique

the exterminating angel
First of all I’d like to apologize for my behavior during the last Interview-Review for The Front (1976). I think I was drunk or something.
That’s okay, just try to keep it chill this time.

Yes… I’ll do my best, but I can’t promise anything.
Well, all right that’s good enough for me.  Continue reading

Interview-Review: The Front (1976) – A Dramedy About the Hollywood Blacklist Starring Woody Allen

the front
1) What is The Front about?
The Front is a comedy/drama about the Hollywood blacklist during the age of live television. It stars Woody Allen as “America’s most unlikely hero” as the tagline for the film says, but it’s basically Woody playing his usual self. Only this time he didn’t write or direct the film, which is rare, so he just stars in it. Though if you look at the producers of this film those names should be familiar. Charles H. Joffe & Jack Rollins produced every Woody Allen film ever and are personal friends of his.  Continue reading

Interview-Review: Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (1974) #KifKif

1) What is Ali: Fear Eats the Soul about?
It’s a love story between a lonely middle-aged woman, Emmi (Brigitte Mira) and a young Moroccan migrant worker Ali (El Hedi ben Salem). They meet by chance in a bar. Ali’s friends dare him to dance with this “old lady” and he does, but then it turns out that they have a lot in common, namely that they’re both lonely and melancholy. So they try to make it work, even though they know the odds are against them. Turns out that racism was still rampant in Germany and especially after the Munich massacre people weren’t that accepting of interracial relationships. Aside from that there’s also the whole ageism thing going on. It’s a great movie.  Continue reading

Interview-Review: Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (2013): A Candid Camera Film: From The Guys Who Brought You Jackass

1) What is Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa about?
That’s a silly title right? Well, basically it’s Johnny Knoxville in a lot of makeup (so much makeup it got them an Oscar nomination) doing what he does best: Playing a series of practical jokes on random strangers, trying to be outrageous, pulling crazy stunts, making people and just having a lot of fun goofing around. There is a loose story set around all the gags, about a grandpa having to drive his grandson to his father, but the narrative only serves as a frame and it’s not really what you take away from the film.  Continue reading

Interview-Review: Disconnect (2012) – An Intense Drama, Thriller Starring Marc Jacobs

1) What is Disconnect about?

It’s a film about how being connected 24/7, through the internet and everything (social media, websites, forums etc.), has made us surprisingly more disconnected in real life. Disconnect is very much about presenting you something and then turning it on its head. The characters you think are the “good guys” turn out to make bad decisions, and the so-called “bad guys” become more sympathetic. It’s hard to give a synopsis of the film, but basically it’s a bunch of different stories of people and how they’re all connected together, without even knowing it.  Continue reading

Interview-Review: Roberto Rossellini’s Journey to Italy (1954)

viaggio in italia
Since this is the first so-called interview-review, I’ll have to explain what it is. Basically, it’s a new way to give the reader essential information about the film without writing a structured review. Instead I’ll be asking myself five standard questions (which apply to any movie) and then answer them briefly. The aim is to condense everything I’d write in a normal review, but make it easier and quicker for the fast reader to detect. Why did I make this thing up? To offer more variety.  Continue reading