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‘Bad’ Movies You Watched Last Week?

One bad movie. Let’s get it over with. I want to get to the good part.

Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001) – 5 (IMDb 7.6) – Drama (Mexico)
I love coming of age/summer-films/let’s-never-grow-up type of movies, but this one was bad for several reasons. I didn’t like it’s judgmental tone, the pacing is off, the editing is terrible and the ending is so boring and evasive it’s not even funny. The film uses a terrible narrative device, where whenever the narrator reads his horribly written script all audio must fade away, taking you completely out of the film. Now, I could accept that in part if he had something interesting to say, adding to the story or whatever, but the information he gives us is completely fucking useless. I couldn’t care less about the crummy details of these people’s life, just show us what’s happening right fucking now. It’s also a pathetic attempt at whimsical comedy, which never works because there’s one funny scene in the whole film and it happens fairly early on in the film.
A big fail on so many levels, this film is somewhat saved by its good cast, the performances they give are sub par, but I entirely blame the director for it. Alfonso Cuarón, whose name I kept hearing, is as overrated as it gets. I don’t know, maybe the film just didn’t work for me, but I do think a lot of what I dislike about this film is the director’s fault. The story and the idea per se are fine and I even like those a lot, but the execution and the composition are just dreadful. It just felt as if the director was trying to be edgy, but afraid to go all the way. It’s a cop-out, and although there are some good ideas thrown around, none of them are fully explored. And Maribel Verdú, who starts out as a fun character, just becomes the most annoying bitch ever somewhere around half film and for no good reason.