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Interview-Review: Disconnect (2012) – An Intense Drama, Thriller Starring Marc Jacobs

1) What is Disconnect about?

It’s a film about how being connected 24/7, through the internet and everything (social media, websites, forums etc.), has made us surprisingly more disconnected in real life. Disconnect is very much about presenting you something and then turning it on its head. The characters you think are the “good guys” turn out to make bad decisions, and the so-called “bad guys” become more sympathetic. It’s hard to give a synopsis of the film, but basically it’s a bunch of different stories of people and how they’re all connected together, without even knowing it.  Continue reading

Second Trailer for Kim Ki-duk’s Moebius

One of my favorite auteurs, a big inspiration for me personally and someone I feel sees storytelling just the way I do. Twisted stories that is. I’m talking of Kim Ki-duk of course. Moebius, his newest film, looks insanely creepy and intense. While not much happened during the first teaser, this second one really brings it.

As always I can set it up as much as I want to and I can try to make it appealing to you, but you just have to see for yourself. The film is currently playing at the 70th Venice Film Festival (out of competition) and I just can’t wait for this film to be released in some way shape or form that we can all have access to it.

Remember that after cutting it several times, Kim is now finally allowed to show the film in Korea, which makes me happy for him and everyone involved in the making of the film. I do hope we get a director’s cut at some point and I do hope (Swiss) cinemas will show this film, because so far there’s no news on that.


Kim Ki-duk back to Venice with ‘Moebius’


Kim Ki-duk’s new film Moebius will be presented at the 70th Venice Film Festival. The South Korean auteur won the 69th edition of that very festival with his last movie Pietà. Moebius is described as the story of a mother that accidentally injures and fatally wounds her son and her husband castrating himself in order to make amends.

This sounds very much like Kim Ki-duk’s style and I’m sure it will feature his favorite theme of voyeurism and hopefully new inventive tricks on the aesthetic front (possibly better than those ‘zoom effects’ in Pietà). Being a big fan of his work I’m glad to see him back to work so feverishly. I can’t help but wonder if the accident on the set of Dreams has inspired him to do this film. If you want to know more about what happened during the shooting of that movie I highly watching his documentary Arirang, for which he won the Un Certain Regard price in Cannes in 2011.

The festival will take place from the 28. August to the 7. September. Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci was appointed president of the jury.