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Review: Vijay and I (2013)

Will Wilder (Moritz Bleibtreu) is an actor who stars in a television series for children, in which she plays a giant green rabbit who is very unlucky. When the day of his fortieth birthday (coincidentally Friday the thirteenth), no one seems to remember him, Will is nothing short of furious. To make matters worse, his car is stolen from him right under his nose. After a wild night with the only friend he has left, Rad (Danny Pudi) a restaurateur Indian, Will discovers that the world believes that he has died in a car accident. Actually it was just bad karma for the car thief. Will is faced with a choice: Tell everyone he’s still alive or play dead. So he decides to disguise himself as an Indian (Vijay) to go to his own funeral. When he realizes that his family, his own wife Julia (Patricia Arquette) prefer Vijay (a charming Indian banker or Will’s performance of a lifetime), the charade continues, until as  it’s inevitable, he is gradually exposed.  Continue reading