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Review: Status Quo’s Rock ‘n’ Roll and Russian Roulette Flick ‘Bula Quo!’ (2013)

bulaThe Status Quo are rockin’ all over the world, like they’ve been doing for more than fifty years. Next stop: Fiji! After the first concert on the island, Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt, the historic band leaders, decide to go out for a drink. A couple of drinks later nature calls and they both have to contemporarily go use the lo. Then for some reason they decide to follow a group of people who all gather in the back for some good old-fashioned Russian roulette. Scared to look death in the eye they decide to film the scene on their phone instead. Unfortunately, they have been filmed also and now wanted by a local mobster who’s blackmailing them to get back the footage that caught him red handed.  Continue reading