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Pedro Almodóvar’s Los amantes pasajeros (2013)

Ulloa (Raúl Arévalo), Fajardo (Carlos Areces) and Joserra (Javier Cámara) are three gay stewards on an airline flight from Spain to Mexico. Benito (Hugo Silva) and Alex (Antonio de la Torre) are the bisexual pilots in command of the plane. It appears that the plane is experiencing a malfunctioning in the landing gear and must thus operate an emergency landing. In order to do that they have to find an airfield that is completely cleared and even then it’s unclear if the plane will be able to land in one piece. The three stewards do their best to calm down the passengers in the business class, while the ones on the economy class have been put to sleep in order to avoid mass hysteria. The passengers in the business class decide that if they’re going to die, they’ll go out in style. What it comes down to is sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, but like in Lost every character seems to be having an interesting backstory and possibly some dirty little secrets.  Continue reading

What Movies Did You Watch Last Week?

I really wanted to check out Woody Allen’s newest film last week, Blue Jasmine, but unfortunately I didn’t get to it. So instead I caught up with some obligatory Pedro Almodóvar. Why is that? Well, once again Allen inspired me to to so, because I noticed that he collaborated with quite a few people that Almodóvar has worked with, or is it the other way around? Either way, I was in the mood for some cinema español, but I made the unforgivable mistake of watching two movies by the same director in a row. Normally, that’s not an issue, but with auteurs making their films so personal, often discussing the same themes, creating the same atmospheres, casting the same actors etc. the problem is that I will now mix up the two films in my mind. It’s silly I know, but I’m sure this doesn’t only happen to me. Does it?

Diary of a Nymphomaniac (2008) – 3 (IMDb 5.6) – Drama (Spain)
diary of a nymphomaniac Continue reading