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Mini-Review: Buongiorno Papà (2013) is a Predictable, Yet Charming and Endearing Italian Melodrama

Andrea (Raoul Bova) is a young bachelor, he works for a company that is responsible for product placement in movies. Aside from his job he loves young girls, clubbing and his best friend Paolo (Edoardo Leo) who lives with him. Andrea doesn’t seem to really care about anyone else except himself. One day, out of the blue, his careless lifestyle of casual sex and easy money is shaken when Layla (Rosabell Laurenti Sellers) a rebellious 17-year-old teenager shows up at his front door. She claims to be his daughter. Her mother is dead and Andrea is the only relative she has left, aside from her grumpy grandfather Enzo (Marco Giallini). Since their trailer broke down, they plan to crash at Andrea’s, where there’s going to be a lot of melodrama, but we all know it’s going to end well, right?  Continue reading