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‘Meh’ Movies You Watched Last Week?

Two disappointments this week. Actually: It’s three, but we’ll get to that. For now enjoy the meh films of the week.

Only God Forgives (2013) – 6.5 (IMDb 6.4) – Crime, Drama (Denmark)
The best thing about Only God Forgives is its beautiful neon infused cinematography by Larry Smith and Cliff Martinez’ atmospheric score. It helps to set a very specific mood and tone throughout the film. It’s no ‘Drive 2′, I’ll tell you that much. None of the characters are likable, they are realistic, because they are horrible people, but at the end of the day: Why should we care about them? In terms of performances Kristin Scott Thomas definitely stands out, but the Thai cast is very good too; not too impressed with Ryan Gosling (who was great in Drive). The story is simple: Billy (Tom Burke) is a fuck up who rapes and kills an underage prostitute. The Thai police let the father of the girl have his revenge, so he kills Billy. This is where Crystal (Kristin Scott Thomas) comes in. She flies all the way to Thailand to ask Julian (Ryan Gosling) to get revenge for his brother’s death. Stuff gets complicated, people die, you know the drill. All in all fairly disappointed, but I did like that the film feels a bit Danish, especially in its humor.

Cabaret (1972) – 6 (IMDb 7.7) – Drama, Music (USA)
Not a big fan of Bob Fosse, I watched this, because Sofia Coppola mentions it as one of her influences. Also, I’ve been watching Arrested Development a lot and Liza Minelli is great in it. She’s actually the best thing in season 4. Anyway, Cabaret feels uneven. It’s not my sense of humor, it’s wanna-be “moral lessons” are pathetic, but the songs and numbers are quite good. Maybe Fosse should have stuck with that: Filmmaking is not for everybody. I feel however like I’m in the minority for disliking Fosse, so make up your mind and watch the film yourself if it sounds like something you’d enjoy. The story is predictable, quite boring in some parts and I prefer the more mature Liza Minelli we have now, if I have to be honest.

Next up bad movies. Or should I say movie. Or should I say.. Ugh!