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Sono Sion’s The Land of Hope (2012)

The Ono’s are a humble family of farmers living in rural Japan. One day there is an earthquake which causes a disaster in the local nuclear power plant. Everyone is afraid of the consequences of radiation on the local population. The Ono family lives just on the 20 kilometer radius border, where the authorities have established there is no “officially” no risk of contamination. They watch their neighbors being brought away into some a provisory facility away from their hometown. Yoichi ono (Murakami Jun) wants to stay with his father Yasuhiko (Natsuyagi Isao) and mother Cheiko (Ohtani Naoko). However Yasuhiko advices his son to move away from the contaminated area, with his wife Izumi (Kagurazaka Megumi) and start a new life elsewhere. Yoichi says goodbye to his parents and moves to a nearby town that is supposedly safer, but when Izumi discovers that she is pregnant she becomes paranoid about the radiations possibly hurting her unborn child.  Continue reading