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86th Academy Awards: Here are the 2014 Oscar Nominees – Any Thoughts?

Finally in. The much awaited Oscar Nominations! Take a look at the list below and let me know what you think. Do you agree with the Academy? Did they leave out anything you absolutely wanted to see on this list? Is it better or worse than other years or about on par? Just let me know what your thoughts are, I am very curious. The official Oscar Ceremony will take place March 2nd, 2014 at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. Ellen DeGeneres will be hosting the show, so it should be good.  Continue reading

The Sunshine Award!


I am thrilled and happy to announce that I have been nominated for my first blogging award ever: The Sunshine Award! I owe this great pleasure and honor to fellow blogger Thomas J. Ford (follow him @thomasjford) of Music & Movies Cafe (at thomasjford.wordpress.com). Here are my eleven nominees (in alphabetical order), eleven random facts about myself and eleven questions for my nominees.

My Eleven Nominees
The AuteurCast

The Critical Eye



I love green inspirations

KPOP Reviews

Lost Civilizations

The Dimwit Diary

The Saint Jeffreys

SFox Writing’s Blog


Eleven Random Facts about Myself
1. I almost drowned once.
2. I reprised playing the guitar just yesterday.
3. Federico Fellini is my favorite director.
4. I am fluent in Italian, German and English (I wish my French was a bit better).
5. Home is where my family is.
6. I’ve never lived in a place for more than five years.
7. I am a practicing Christian.
8. Breathe is my favorite song by Skrillex.
9. Blue is my favorite color, because black is not a color.
10. I could eat pasta everyday.
11. I am a hopeless romantic.

Eleven Questions for my Nominees
1. What’s your favorite film?
2. What’s your go to drink?
3. Do you own anything vintage?
4. One luxury you can’t live without?
5. Blondes, brunettes or red heads?
6. Mac or PC?
7. What’s your favorite cuisine?
8. Stripes or pois?
9. One thing your very proud of?
10. Water: Sparkling or still?
11. Something weird that you like?

Once again I would like to thank Thomas J. Ford for his support. I highly recommend his blog (and not only because he nominated me). I’d also like to take this opportunity thank everyone that has ever read, commented and given me feedback on my blog.

Congratulations to the every blog I nominated on their great work and dedication. As I understand it The Sunshine Award is about blogs that inspire you, and you guys definitely inspire me.

Grazie mille!