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Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita (1960)

La Dolce Vita (1960)
Marcello Rubini (Marcello Mastroianni) is a paparazzo journalist drifting through Rome, trying to catch the latest scoop and make a living with a job that doesn’t entirely satisfy him. As an aspiring, but rather uninspired writer, he finds himself thorn between what he would love to do, but can’t and what pays the rent. While his job can be exciting and thrilling, he gets to meet celebrities and visit all kinds of places, he just seems to be bored with all the shallow mundanity and the emptiness of the words he writes. On the surface he has no reason to feel this way: He has a steady job that pays well, his girlfriend seems to genuinely care for him, he has many friends and knows all the right people. However something is missing in his life. Nothing feels real. It’s all a big circus with and when the night is over and the sun rises over the Roman hills he is alone, misunderstood and lost.  Continue reading

Five Reasons: Il Casanova di Federico Fellini (1976)

A new category! This time I’m not ripping off Rotten Tomatoes’ Five Favorite Films, but rather Criterion’s Three Reasons YouTube videos. From now on, whenever I’m too lazy to write a structured review I’ll just list five good reasons to check out the film. This way you won’t have to read through 1,000 words, but can easily scroll down five pictures with a minimal summary of what I loved most about the film. The first film to get this sort of treatment will be (you’ve guessed it): Fellini’s CasanovaContinue reading