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No More Horror Movies for James Wan?

james wan

It looks like the horror auteur creator of the SAW series and director of genre films like Dead SilenceInsidious and The Conjuring will retire from his field of expertise. The filmmaker commented “I spent the last ten years of my life doing this. It’s time for a change, for goodness sake!” and also implied that he doesn’t want to always direct the same type of movies.

[…] Hollywood puts you in a box. If you do a successful comedy, then you’re know as The Comedy Guy. If you do a successful car chase movie, then you become that guy. So I’m a student of cinema, so I just want to make sure I get the chance to make other kinds of films.

In fact his next film will be Fast & Furious 7, the newest entry in one of the longest running action franchises. While he is changing genre, he certainly is doing a lot of franchises and maybe that’s something else to consider when planning your career. In any case, Wan’s critical and financial success in the horror genre almost certainly warrants a comeback at some point. Low budget horror films are also the easiest projects to find financing, many people in the business started there. Besides Wan seems to genuinely love the genre and you don’t just forget your first love.

Second Trailer for Kim Ki-duk’s Moebius

One of my favorite auteurs, a big inspiration for me personally and someone I feel sees storytelling just the way I do. Twisted stories that is. I’m talking of Kim Ki-duk of course. Moebius, his newest film, looks insanely creepy and intense. While not much happened during the first teaser, this second one really brings it.

As always I can set it up as much as I want to and I can try to make it appealing to you, but you just have to see for yourself. The film is currently playing at the 70th Venice Film Festival (out of competition) and I just can’t wait for this film to be released in some way shape or form that we can all have access to it.

Remember that after cutting it several times, Kim is now finally allowed to show the film in Korea, which makes me happy for him and everyone involved in the making of the film. I do hope we get a director’s cut at some point and I do hope (Swiss) cinemas will show this film, because so far there’s no news on that.


‘Nymphomaniac’ to be divided in eight chapters


Lars von Trier has spilled a couple new details regarding his new film Nymphomaniac. The film is supposed to be presented in two volumes, while the Danish auteur also mentioned that he hopes to introduce a new genre called digressionism. The film about Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg), a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac will be divided in eight chapters:

1. The Compleat Angler
2. Jerome
3. Mrs. H
4. Delirium
5. The Little Organ School
6. The Eastern & Western Church (The Silent Duck)
7. The Mirror
8. The Gun

I love von Trier, but when he talks about a “new genre” he clearly is just working his marketing magic, much like his Dogme gimmick. Besides, he has already directed a film with a similar structure in Dogville (2003), but I digress.

Still, Melancholia was my favorite film of 2011 and I highly anticipate this one.