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‘Meh’ Movies You Watched Last Week?

Greetings Mortals,
Welcome to another weekly update of the movies I watched during the past week.

Being back home for the summer I try to watch as many films as possible with my family. Naturally they prefer more recent stuff, so that’s what my weekly viewings with them will focus on. Coincidentally, there were also a lot of new releases that I wanted to review and so this past week I ended up watching a lot of ‘newer’ films. My brother being mostly a horror and comedy guy, that was how I picked the movies in terms of genre.

As for the ‘meh’ or ‘just-okay’ films I’ve seen, I only have one on my list and that would be the Maniac remake. In case you haven’t read my review yet, click this.

Like every week I like to turn over the question to you and ask: What ‘meh’ movies did you watch last week?

Thank you for reading my blog.


Review: Maniac (2012)

Frank Zito (Elijah Wood) is a prolific serial killer, taking out the city’s finest looking women, one at the time. Desperately trying to connect and have a “normal” relationship, he is unable to undress a woman without scalping her afterwards. Plagued by childhood trauma induced schizophrenia and stuck in the Oedipal phase Frank descends deeper and deeper into his own madness. One sunny day he meets Anna (Nora Arnezeder) a fresh-faced, blonde photographer weirdly, but genuinely interested in his mannequins. As expected Frank’s hopes for a romantic happy ending are compromised by his insanity, his unhealthy jealousy, and the fact that he is a raging maniac.  Continue reading