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Music Video Review: Now (There Is No Tomorrow) by Trouble Maker – My Favorite Video Clip of 2013

Ever since MTV stopped playing music (making you question the M in MTV), my annual video clip watch has dropped significantly. I mostly check out the artists I like or the latest commercial hits on YouTube out of curiosity. Every year however there’s still one music video that really stands out and resonates with me. In 2013 I started getting into KPOP, as a function of my fascination with South Korean cinema and youth culture. As a marketing student I’ve always been fascinated by bands that are conceived like commercial products, though I think they’re never without artistic merits (in their own ways).  Continue reading

Album Review: 4Minute’s 4th Mini-Album ‘Name is 4Minute’ (2013)

Sorry if the title is confusing, but let me explain. This is a review of KPOP artist 4Minute, an all girl band composed by five members (Nam Ji-hyun, Heo Ga-yoon, Jeon Ji-yoon, Kim Hyun-a, Kwon So-hyun). Their 4th mini-album happens to be called Name is 4Minute. So when you combine all those things together there’s a lot of fours and minutes and that’s why it might get a bit difficult to keep up. Oddly enough even though they’re called 4Minute none of their songs actually lasts exactly four minutes (yes, I looked it up) and they’re a five piece formation, so the name remains a mystery to me. However the lovely ladies you can see in the pretty picture above are one of the hottest bands in South Korea right now, getting a lot of attention and selling a lot of records. Don’t let that picture fool you, they might look sweet and innocent, but most of their videos are very sexy and not just for Korean standards.  Continue reading