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Jonathan Levine’s Warm Bodies (2013)


“Cold body. Warm heart.”

After the usual zombie apocalypse, humans have retreated into a big city, building a literal wall around themselves that will let no “corpse” in. Meanwhile R (Nicholas Hoult), a dead but still hot looking zombie, is hanging around at an abandoned airport, with his living dead buddies. His “life” is completely changed after meeting Julie (Teresa Palmer) a blonde young woman, appropriately named after the Shakespearian character, that he instantly falls in love with. Soon his feelings for her will translate into heartbeats, and you know who’ll eat anything with a heartbeat? Why, the “bonies” of course, basically evil zombies in their ‘final’ stage. Will R and Julie’s forbidden love stand the test of an overprotective father (John Malkovich) and creepy skeletons prancing around like horny monkeys? I think we all know the answer to that.  Continue reading