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Mini-Review: Alain Renais’ Je t’aime je t’aime (1968)

Claude Ridder (Claude Rich) is a young writer who recently attempted suicide, but failed miserably. Now, a mysterious organization wants to recruit him to perform some risky time travel experiments on him. He is the perfect subject, because if he died during the process, they could easily stage everything to make it look like a suicide. Everything’s ready. Claude (and a cute little white lab mice) will be sent back in time exactly one year and should stay in the past for one minute. After four minutes (no relation to the all-girl KPOP idol group featuring Hyuna) he can be released from the time machine and go on with his life. Unfortunately, something goes wrong and he keeps traveling through time randomly without ever coming back for more than a couple of minutes. Will he make it out alive? What’s hiding in his past? And why is that mouse traveling with him?  Continue reading