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New Web Series ‘Cobra: The Man Behind the Man’

My brother started a Web Series series called Cobra: The Man Behind the Man. Basically it’s the Cobra (Bubbles) action figure from the Lilo & Stitch film in a series of improbable, almost surreal, irreverently funny short adventures. It’s filmed in (almost) stop-motion style.

I’ve had the pleasure to co-direct episode three called Get in my Car after the only English line Marcello speaks in La Dolce Vita (1960). In this episode Cobra is convinced he has to save this little girl from a weird cast of characters. In reality the little girl was never in danger: It’s all in his head. In other words this was my spin on Leon: The Professional, Gloria and Man on Fire with a hotheaded, war-crazy bodyguard instead of the usual hero.

I know it’s shot amateurishly, but that’s the whole premise of the series. Yes, it’s silly and doesn’t make a lot of sense, but again that’s how it’s supposed to be. Rough editing, crazy camera movements and not a lot of attention to detail. It’s more of a guerrilla approach. I still hope people can get at least a good laugh out of it. We certainly do not take ourselves very seriously, like at all.

Special thanks to my sister for helping us out and lending us her barbie car and dolls and stuff.