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15 Seconds of Horror: Kinder Sorpresa

15 Seconds of Horror is an Instagram series created by Tim Buel and Cody Rhyse. They are encouraging filmmakers and film fans to join in on the fun and make shorts and so I did. I randomly came up with an idea this past weekend to make an extremely short short. It’s actually not as easy as it sounds to tell a story in 15 seconds, but I always like a challenge. Unfortunately, not being very practical with Instagram, I shot this with a normal consumer camcorder and then uploaded it to Instagram. However you really should shoot with your iPhone (or iPod), because otherwise Instagram will just crop your video. So anyway long story short we ended up putting it on YouTube.

Our short is a home invasion flick and I didn’t use any particular inspiration for this one. Usually I think of a director or style I want to reference, but this time I just followed my own instincts. The result is something slightly less stylish, but hopefully effective. Of course having seen tons of genre films I can now see some Giallo and Eastern European influences, but they’re mostly unintentional. Editing the film down from one and a half minutes to fifteen seconds was the real challenge, but my brother is a fantastic editor and so he helped me out a great deal. My other brother plays the villain or il pazzo, as he likes to say and my little sister is the victim. Kinder Sorpresa is just Italian for Kinder Surprise, the delicious chocolate egg by Ferrero, which in our case however is a pillow i.e. the murder weapon.