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My favorite films

La Dolce Vita (1960)

My Favorite Films

I added a list of my favorite films in the section Lists, where you can also find lists of my favorite directors, my favorites of the year and other stuff too.

The current list comprises fifty titles, forty-nine feature films and a short film. Knowing myself this list will change quite a bit and very often. I will do my best to update it regularly.

Again, these are just my personal favorites, I’m not trying to say these are the best movies ever made or anything like that. Recommendations are always much appreciated.

My favorite directors

List of my Favorite Directors

One approach to watching movies is by going through a specific filmmaker’s entire filmography. That’s how I approach things these days: You don’t have to think much what you’re going to watch next and you get a certain consistency of quality or at the very least in terms of what to expect. There are so many great auteurs out there – I myself am still discovering new ones every now and then.

This isn’t supposed to be a definitive list of what I think are the “best” filmmakers, these are just the ones that are most representative of my personal tastes. I tried to include the ones whose body of work I enjoy as a whole, so there still are many other directors I love outside of these, but maybe it’s more single films rather than their entire catalogue. What I appreciate most about these guys is their approach to cinema, their achievements and the attitude and mood of their films.