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James Fotopoulos’ Dignity (2012)

Lamb (David Zellner) and Rainbow (Nathan Zellner) are two agents sent on an alien planet to fight the civil war. On their mission to destroy a perpetual motion machine they are imprisoned. Trapped light-years away from their home planet, they’re desperately trying to stay sane, but slowly and inevitably they become delirious. Somehow they appear to escape their prison and reprise their journey, but it seems like their troubles have only just begun.  Continue reading

Lukas Moodysson’s Container (2006)

Container is “a silent movie with sound”, according to Swedish director Lukas Moodysson. The film does not have a traditional three-act structure or any recognizable narrative. The visuals are only loosely related the monologue read by American actress Jena Malone. It’s more of an experimental/avant-garde/art film intended to elicit a certain kind of feelings, or no feelings at all. Someone described it as an “open letter to God”. Knowing Moodysson’s strong Christian beliefs I would have to agree: The voice over repeatedly mentions themes and images pertaining to Christianity. Just like Moodysson’s other films it is also about celebrity and pop culture, consumerism and the horrors of civilization, namely the Second World War and Chernobyl’s catastrophic nuclear accident.  Continue reading