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Would We Care if They Weren’t So Pretty?

monica vitti
Would we care if they weren’t so pretty? I’ve asked myself this questions quite often lately in relation to certain films and film characters. Would I still like this movie so much if the lead actress wasn’t so beautiful? Would the film manage to keep my attention? Would my eyes still be peeled to the screen? Would I care about what happened to this character if she (or he) wasn’t so good-looking? Would I have seemed out and watched the film in the first place? Tough questions to answer, but let’s try to investigate this topic a little further.

On the surface almost nobody wants to admit that they can be conditioned or give much importance to how a person looks. However it’s a fact that good-looking people tend to be more successful in life. Let’s skip specifics. Statistics show for example that tall people have a higher income and similar stuff like that. I’m sure it’s something that has to do with having “good genes” and all that science talk I know nothing about. What’s important here is that whether we like to admit it or not looks matter. Continue reading

J’adore Sofia

To me Sofia Coppola is not just one of the most talented directors of all time: She’s also a truly beautiful young woman.

It’s her alluring bourgeois charm. Her natural beauty and calm, yet magnetic presence. Her sophisticated style and sweet, vulnerable, always immaculate look. Her playfulness and lightness and poise. Everything about her is just simply fascinating.

These are my ten favorite pictures of her.