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Tyler Hosley’s new short film ‘Fixation 3: Magical Weed’

Friend Tyler Hosley mostly writes and directs short horror films about trashy redneck and deranged hillbillies (what’s the difference?). His Fixation trilogy, is about one of those character archetypes time-travelling or simply tripping really hard on illegal drugs, depending on your interpretation. While I’ll admit that I am not really a fan of the first two chapters, he definitely has undoubtedly evolved and gotten a lot better by the time he came out with his third one.

Featuring Hosley’s cast regulars Tim & Andrea Hosley and Tyler himself, while adding newcomer Royden Oyarbiden to the family, ‘Magical Weed‘ is a funny and entertaining, surreal time-travel film. Clearly influenced by his favorite directors Rob Zombie and Harmony Korine, he adds his own sensibilities and style to achieve one of his most visually dynamic shorts to date. To enjoy Fixation 3: Magical Weed you don’t need to have seen the previous episodes, although you do get a better understanding on “how” to approach this short. What I appreciate most about his vision, is his enthusiasm and genuine love for art, which clearly permeates all of his work.