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Second Trailer for Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’

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A Spike Jonze Love Story. What could be better? Spike Jonze’s Her remains my most anticipated film for 2013, a title previously held by his ex-wife Sofia Coppola and her new movie The Bling Ring. Precisely because of my excitement and and anticipation for Her I will force myself not to watch this second trailer. Problem is it becomes really hard to comment on something I haven’t even watched. At the same time however I want to contribute, even if not many people actually read this blog, to the buzz for the film, which is apparently really good. Getting such a romantic film from him is just a dream come true for a fan of the director such as myself.  Continue reading

Karen O’s Original Song For ‘Her’

Remember the trailer for Spike Jonze‘s upcoming film Her? Remember they pushed back the release date from November 20 to December 18? Well, the consolation prize is that we get to listen to Karen O‘s The Moon Song in the meantime. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs front-woman previously scored Jonze’s Where The Wild Things Are. For Her Spike hired Arcade Fire.

This song is very quiet, sweet and melancholic. I don’t know what the tone of the film will be like, but it does seem in tune with the atmosphere of Spike Jonze’s previous films and it certainly works in the trailer. Now that I’ve seen The Bling Ring this is definitely my new most anticipated of the year!