Check it Out: Fox Searchlight Creates a Lego Replica of The Grand Budapest Hotel

the grand budapest hotel lego
Tomorrow Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel will be released on Blu-Ray & DVD. As of today the film has earned $58 million at the American box office and over $100 million worldwide, making it by far his highest grossing film to date. Looking at Anderson’s filmography it’s easy to see why: The Grand Budapest Hotel is a very entertaining film, plot-heavy and star-filled. Fox Searchlight’s marketing push has been just as creative and quirky as Anderson’s films. I especially liked when they revealed the recipe for the Courtesan au Chocolat

Now to highlight the film’s home video release they came up with this dandy idea: Recreating the Grand Budapest Hotel, the title character from Wes’ latest film, using just Lego (and some glue). Lego model designer Ryan Ziegelbauer and his team eight model builders took it upon themselves to construct a replica of the luxurious hotel, which took them 575 hours of work and 50,000 Lego bricks. Of course this stunt is also helpful in cross-promoting Lego, which is such a hip brand these days, especially on the internet and with that silly movie they made a while back. This is pretty cool however. Take a look.


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