Forget About Sexting: Nymphomaniac’s Guide to Naughty Eroticons

I’m always a fan of clever marketing and certainly Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac had one of the best executed film marketing campaigns lately. It all started with a the minimalist, yet iconic teaser poster you can see above (Lars’ idea by the way) and then it went on to provide us with some orgasmic character posters, lots of appetizers and great interviews. As the film has now hit VOD and should hopefully be soon available in its intended, uncensored cut, the film’s official Facebook page posted A Guide to Naughty Eroticons

For those wondering: Yes, eroticon is a made up word, meaning erotic emoticons. Echoing the original Nymphomaniac two-parentheses poster, the picture below teaches you a couple more useful eroticons like oral or french kissing. However it also bring up a puzzling question, because it presents us with an emoticon for vagina, which then makes you wonder what the eroticon on the poster is supposed to represent. A lot of fans of the film have interacted and submitted their own eroticons as you can imagine… Can you?

A guide to naughty eroticons

Aside from this genius little piece of film promotion, I also wanted to share two great fan posters which I really liked. It’s interesting, because I think that the social media marketing people behind this guide may have been inspired by some fan posters which represented alternate versions of the minimalist vagina poster, for example featuring a stylized male reproducing organ: 8===D. But the two posters I chose are clean fun and in keeping with the original poster’s essentialist aesthetic. Am I the only one loving all this?


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