“Why Do You Love the Person You Love?” – A Spike Jonze Marketing Campaign

“Falling in love is a crazy thing to do. It’s kind of like a socially acceptable form of insanity.”
– Amy (Amy Adams) 

One of my favorite film marketing campaigns of the last year was the one Spike Jonze did for his critically acclaimed love story Her. The movie about a guy falling in love with his OS / Spike getting over Sofia, didn’t exactly do spectacularly at the box office; so it’s questionable if this campaign was effective in terms of creating awareness for the film, beyond the people who were already interested in it. No doubt however that it’s one of the sweetest and most creative marketing stunts I ever came across (much like Jonze’s films).

What was the campaign about? Basically, people that went to Vice screenings of Her were asked to write down why they love the person they love (after watching the movie). That sounds like the most difficult task ever. Translating your feelings and emotions for someone into a couple coherent sentences isn’t exactly easy. As a matter of fact some of the respondents didn’t even try. Some of the responses are funny, some of them are quite deep and feel honest. There’s one I like in particular about sharing the same worldview.

Not all the handwriting is legible, unfortunately. Actually, out of all of these only a couple of people really made an effort. I guess it’s all part of the campaign’s charm. The answers were published on all kinds of social media platforms, under the hashtag #HerMovie. People were encouraged to engage in the discussion on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I’m still surprised the movie underperformed, because it got great word of mouth, critics loved it, it’s winning every award it can win and all the marketing was genius (trailers, posters, stills etc.).


  1. nuwansenfilmsen

    I wasn’t aware ‘Her’, was a love story, I thought it was science fiction. I haven’t watched it, but heard good things about it. Love the little scribbles, especially the one that says IDK.

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