Watch: First Trailer, Poster and Visually Arresting Stills for Terry Gilliam’s The Zero Theorem (2013) + Bald Christoph Waltz

waltz zero
After premiering at last year’s Venice Film Festival there hasn’t been much news or buzz for Terry Gilliam‘s new film The Zero Theorem. Maybe the film wasn’t as well received by critics as expected or maybe it was just too weird? Who knows. Last week the first trailer was released by Voltage Pictures, unfortunately in 360p quality. Since I don’t do poor quality and the film’s striking visual deserve to be seen in gorgeous HD, I waited to post this. Now it’s finally here the first trailer starring no one other than my boy Christoph Waltz (Inglorious BasterdsDjango Unchained)! 

Co-starring with Waltz are: Mélanie Thierry (as a sexy nurse with pink hair?), David Thewlis, Lucas Hedges, Matt Damon (who gets to wear a ridiculously awesome zebra print suit), Ben Whishaw and one of my personal favorites, the lovely Ms. Tilda Swinton. Looks like a great cast. Oh, and totally expect a cameo by Peter Stormare listed as Doctor 2. In the meantime here are some spectacular stills. I usually post them in titled mosaics, but screw it, these look so great they need to be seen in all their glory and splendor.

Lost Waltz

Mélanie Thierry

Experimenting on Waltz

Waltz in the Streets

 It looks like the visual experience of 2014. If Gilliam’s DP Nicola Pecorini doesn’t get some Academy recognition for this there’s officially no justice in this world. Though I wonder if it would be eligible for the 2015 Oscar ceremony since it was released in the US for the Austin Fantastic Fest. The only thing weirder than this trailer is the fact that this film doesn’t have an official release date, at least not in the US. Below you can find the official poster for The Zero Theorem.

the zero theorem poster

And now on to the trailer, which looks all kinds of insane and I don’t say that lightly. It’s rare that a trailer leaves me speechless these days, but this trailer is just stunning. Seriously, I can’t even understand what the plot is about, but does it really matter with Terry Gilliam films? I’m not sure what do you guys think? At least we know that it will look good and have a talented cast, right?


  1. Lia in Brussels

    Man, that is insane! And I want to see it!! I mean, Matt Damon in zebra suit? How awesome is that?? Seriously: I love the steampunkish references… what I saw in the trailer at least!

    • davideperretta

      I love that something as silly as a zebra suit can be such a big selling point! 😀
      Good call, there’s definitely something steampunk about this film, which I didn’t notice, but I can imagine playing an even bigger part in the movie.

    • davideperretta

      Hehe, yeah it’s not exactly news that his movies are weird, but this looks weird even for his standards.. This one reminds a bit of Brazil.

      Still haven’t seen Dr. Parnassus, but it’s good to hear that you loved it means I probably would too 🙂

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