Park Ki-woong Cast to be in Kim Ki-duk’s Upcoming Film ‘Made in China’

Korean auteur Kim Ki-duk rarely uses the same leading actors twice in his movies. For his follow-up to last year’s Moebius, he decided to cast K-Drama star Park Ki-woong. Kim’s new movie is called Made in China and co-starring with Park is the lovely  Han Chae-ah. So that’s a Bridal Mask reunion then? Should be good. According to Park’s agency: “After being cast, Park Ki Woong has analyzed his character in detail from hairstyle to costume and is working hard to perfectly become Chen”. Yep, sounds like though work. 

So far not much is known about the actual plot of the film, but Drama Beans writes: “Made In China seems like a quiet sort of film, taking Chinese eels as its subject matter and using them as a springboard for introspection about humanity. Park Ki-woong plays a man of strong convictions and masculinity named Chen, who’ll portray a sensitive internal side with depth. Han Chae-ah’s character works for the Korea Food and Drug Administration as a cold, level-headed inspector”. Wow.

Kim Soon Mo of Kim Ki-duk Films and producer of Made in China had some nice things to say about Park: “Park Ki-woong is an actor filled with emotions. Through his role as Chen, you will see the depth of his acting. Please show much interest in the movie”. Believe me I will. I already am. I should probably check out some of Park’s previous work, I don’t really know much about him aside that he’s a good-looking young man and seems very likable. I know it’s super early to be excited for this film, but I can’t help it!


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