Fantastic Fan Posters, Drawings and Behind the Scenes Set Pictures for Spike Jonze’s Her (2013)

In case you didn’t notice I was a huge fan of Spike Jonze’s Her. It’s safe to say that I wasn’t the only one, because I’ve had the pleasure to discover a great deal of very creative fan art on the official website for the Spike Jonze love story. It’s a cool website by the way, if you liked the film I’m sure you’ll enjoy browsing it and find out “everything about everything”. Actually, it’s a blog. I’m sorry: A Spike Jonze Blog. Even better! 

Since however the site is a bit “heavy” and takes a while to load more pretty pictures, I’ve decided to give you a selection of what I loved most. I’ve created three different photo albums: Fan posters, drawings (& paintings) and pictures from the actual set, mostly featuring Rooney Mara, because you know… It’s Rooney Mara. Other than that, like I said, you can check out the official website and find something new every day.

Some of my favorite fan posters.


Some great drawings & paintings.

Behind the scenes & set pictures.


  1. literaryvittles

    amazing!! I love fan movie posters – I think they’re usually a lot more interesting than the official ones. Still haven’t seen the movie, but I have a feeling I will really, really like it.

  2. Lia in Brussels

    So cool! This is as far as I’ll go in your posts about the movie tho’; cos I haven’t seen it yet and it’s one of the rare cases I actually don’t wanna read anything before, so I don’t spoil the pleasure!

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