Check It Out: A 15-Minute Mini-Documentary ‘Her: Love in the Modern Age’ on Spike Jonze’s Film

The other night I finally got to see Spike Jonze‘s new film Her, you know, the one that got a couple of Oscar nominations? The more I think about the film, the more I love it. It might as well be my new favorite film of 2013. I can’t wait to re-watch it. Expect a review soon and an essay even sooner. I hope you guys like(d) the film as well, because I’ll be posting quite a bit about it. I’m starting with this 15 minute mini-documentary that surfaced on the web yesterday called Her: Love in the Modern Age

It’s not so much about the film itself, but the themes that Her discusses: Love, human relationships and technology and how the three are connected. It’s a very interesting short film directed by Spike Jonze’s long-time collaborator Lance Bangs. Bangs interviews a variety of artists and their reactions after watching Her. Some of them open up about their personal experiences and voice their opinions about love. Among the interviewees there: Olivia Wilde, James Murphy, Brett Easton Ellis, Charlyne Yi and Lauren Mayberry.

It’s a great companion piece to Spike Jonze’s film, especially if you’ve seen it, but also if you’re still waiting for the film here’s what you can expect in terms of topics. Lance Bangs asks some very interesting questions, but of course a definitive answer is difficult, especially when it comes to something as complex as love and relationships. Like Her there are some very personal stories and opinions. Though the film is still fresh in my mind there’s just so much packed in it, so many ideas and thoughts that I feel I can’t fully grasp everything just yet. Both film and documentary give you a lot to think about.


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