Meet Newcomer Stacy Martin: The Up-and-Coming Star of Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac

stacy martin
What actress wouldn’t want their first film to be with Danish auteur Lars von Trier? Right? Even if it involved wearing a prosthetic vagina and being mostly in the buff with Shia LaBeouf? At 23 year of age, Stacy Martin a beautiful, fresh-faced actress got her first acting gig in Nymphomaniac Volume I & II. Like you, I had no idea she existed before, but now I am intrigued to know more about her. How did that happen? What did Lars see in her? And what will she do next? 

I realize it’s too early for me to talk about her, not having seen the film and all, but I just couldn’t resist: I’m just so excited for Nymphomaniac, both volumes. Martin plays young Joe (under 30), the main character played also by fantastic French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg (who appears in all the three films of Lars von Trier’s Depression trilogy). I wanted to dedicate a post to Stacy Martin however, because she’s one of the few “unknowns” or newcomers in the film.

Since obviously I didn’t have the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Martin myself (expect in my dreams), I will refer to Emma Brown’s article for Interview Magazine, the usual Zentropa interview above and just stuff you can find on the good old internet. I’m also posting pretty pictures of her below, in case you want to see what she looks like with her clothes on. Like that Korean song goes “You look sexier with your clothes than without”, and I don’t mean that in a fetishistic kind of way. Oh, and here’s her Nymphomaniac character poster.


Stacy was born in Paris (France) and grew up between Paris and Tokyo (Japan). Little Stacy went to an international school and that’s why she can easily speak English without an accent. She is of course fluent in French and her favorite swear word is putain (literally: whore). As she grew up she became a model, which allowed her to be financially independent and pay for acting lessons. Next thing you know: Martin quite simply auditions for the role of young Joe for Nymphomaniac and gets it.

This sounds actually like a fairly standard success story, being able to start your acting career with a director like von Trier is anything but ordinary. It’s perfect. She definitely seems to have it. There’s something about her that makes me think she’ll become a big star, if she makes the best of this opportunity. It certainly is a great start and she has already completed her next project, a British film called Barking at Trees and will be filming a Terrence Malick produced feature The Clown next.

Right now she says: “I know what I want, but I’m still vulnerable. I’m still a human being, but I know what I want and that makes me stronger. I want to work until I’m old and wrinkled”. That’s absolutely encouraging, especially if she turns out to be as good as those promising trailers and appetizers seem to be confirming. For the moment just enjoy some of my favorite pictures of her. Yes, I totally just randomly googled those, but who cares: She looks good.


  1. tiagojrricardo

    I am preparing my self mentally to watch “Nymphomaniac”. It will be my 2nd experience regarding Lars Von Trier’s work and I am kind of excited to watch it. Great article by the way, I’ll try to read some of your reviews after watching the movie.

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