Interview: Shia LaBeouf Discusses Nymphomaniac, His Character Jerôme and Working with Lars von Trier

Normally, I wouldn’t post actors interviews for upcoming (or existing) films. Since however I’m incredibly excited for Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac and Shia LaBeouf doesn’t say the usual, expected things in this clip, I thought I’d post it. Zentropa, the Danish studio founded by von Trier and behind Nymphomaniac, has been posting a lot of goodies, so if you are on YouTube I’d recommend subscribing to their channel. 

There’s also a similar interview of Charlotte Gainsbourg, but she seems slightly uncomfortable and this one seemed like more fun. Plus: Shia is missing a tooth, like for no reason. I thought it was really funny and it’s not commented on, but there he is nonchalant as ever, minus one tooth. In this clip he discusses how he was cast for the movie, why he picked it and what it was like to work with Lars.

Some answers sound pretty standard, but some of the things he says are actually very insightful into the way von Trier works. It helps that LaBeouf doesn’t seem to care much about being “correct” or only saying nice things, but actually comes off as honest here. I know some people may dislike him as an actor or based on his persona in the media, but I must say I’m quite intrigued by him and he did work with some great directors, so he deserves a little respect.


    • davideperretta

      Absolutely! I can only imagine how he must have felt to be cast in a film by one of his favorite directors. That must be the best thing ever.
      ..And then you have to send out pictures of your dick 😀

      • davideperretta

        Haha yeah! He seems cool about it in the interview, but I’m sure he was a bit stunned by it too at first 🙂
        Oddly enough Charlotte Gainsbourg seemed less comfortable talking about Nymphomaniac and I mean she has worked with von Trier before (and done some very graphic scenes in Antichrist) so she should know or be used to it by now..

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