Watch & Listen: Elle Fanning Sees The Stars for the First Time in ‘First Stars I See Tonight’ Short Film

First Stars I See Tonight
is a black & white animated/live-action cross-over short film. It narrates the story of a girl (Elle Fanning) with night blindness and how her dad (James Patrick Stuart) gets her these military goggles to see the stars. It’s a lot of voice-over narration, incessant I should say, but it’s quite a sweet story and it’s less than 3 minutes, so if it even sounds mildly interesting to you: Check it out! 

I liked it quite a bit, but then I like everything Elle Fanning does and it’s black & white. For a couple of seconds I got a Super 8 vibe there, which is a good thing, because I really enjoyed that movie. Apparently this is part of an upcoming variety show “HitRECord on TV” by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, which will debut on January 18th at Sundance. Not sure what this show will be about, but this is definitely a cool way to kick things off.


    • davideperretta

      My pleasure 🙂 Glad you liked it! Turns out it’s not Elle Fanning doing the voice-over, as someone tweeted at me. I thought it was too perfect and it didn’t really sound like her (just an update)..

      • literaryvittles

        Hahaha that’s pretty funny! Yeah it must have been someone Scottish, because the accent was perfect. They did a good job of finding someone who sounded like what Elle Fanning might sound like had she attempted to speak with a Scottish accent

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