1. Lia in Brussels

    Oh you lazy little bone you! Fortunately I do read (had already read it earlier but just got the chance to respond). Thank you so much for considering me, what a wonderful surprise! The fact that you even read some of my posts prove that you are probably more versatile than you think 🙂 so Congratulations on the award, well deserved!

  2. literaryvittles

    well hello, and what a nice surprise to see my blog on your nomination list!! funnily enough, the logo of this award reminds me of acqua di parma – which is what I thought you said at first! amazing colognes, but terribly expensive

  3. Anna (Film Grimoire)

    You’re very welcome, and thank you for the kind words! I think your blog is very versatile because you cover a whole bunch of topics within the realm of film! That’s the definition of versatile I was working with. 🙂 It’s funny that you mention Oreos though, I definitely thought the award looked like some kind of biscuit, or medieval stamp.

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