Mini-Review: La Brassiere (2001) – A Tale of Bras and Men

la brassiere
Johnny (Sean Lau) designs men’s underwear. Wayne (Louis Koo) is a taylor. None of them knows anything about the mystical female undergarment that is known as the bra. Samantha (Carina Lau) is the manager a Hong Kong company that sells bras all over the world. Her dream is to create the “ultimate bra”. To succeed in her intent she decides that it should be a man’s job to figure out this ultimate challenge. Johnny and Wayne are completely clueless to what makes a good bra. They also don’t seem to know a lot about women, but they’re willing to learn. Plus everyone working in the bra business is so beautiful, so why not? 

La Brassiere (original title: Chuet sai hiu bra) is a silly, but charming light romantic comedy with some cliché characters and a predictable story. The acting is fine for this type of film, the writing does get a bit ham-fisted (or maybe it was my subtitles) and visually or musically there isn’t much going on. It isn’t necessarily a good film, but it gets by on charm and wit. Not being from Hong Kong myself I’m sure a lot of the humor was lost on me, but I still enjoyed the film, because it was very cute and sweet. I wasn’t necessarily a fan of the whole gender discourse, which seemed fairly heavy-handed, shallow and a bit outdated, but to each his own.

Yes, we’ve all seen this before and it seems like more of a “Western” film anyway, but it was still rather entertaining and romantic when all is said and done. I had no idea about this film going in, a friend from Hong Kong recommended it to me, so I’m lucky because I probably wouldn’t have heard of it or seen it otherwise. I always enjoy the elitist feeling of knowing about a film that no one else has seen. For a romantic comedy you could do a lot worse. It’s not a bad movie. I recommend it if you love romantic comedies and are curious to see an Asian rendition of the sub-genre; if you have no idea about bras (this should help you quite a bit) or if you just enjoy watching a lot of gorgeous women walking around in lingerie.

Rating on First Viewing: 6.5 out of 10

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