Bad: Girl Most Likely (2012), Sound of the Sea (2001) and Adventure in the Sin Bin (2012)

Three bad movies in a week. That has to be some kind of an achievement. Not one that I’m proud of that’s for sure, but just wait till we get to the good part. Never give up hope. Never!

Girl Most Likely (2012) – 4.5 (IMDb 5.6) – Comedy (USA)
I like Kristen Wiig, I think she’s really funny and a likable. She’s a good actress and she has done some good movies, like Bridesmaids. The fact that Girl Most Likely doesn’t work however is definitely not her fault or any of the other fantastic actors in this film like Matt Dillon, who seems to be the only one who’s allowed to be funny here. The film’s problem lies in the script aka the bad writing. Kristen Wiig’s character is not very sympathetic and doesn’t seem to care about anyone. As a consequence it’s hard to relate to her or hope that she succeeds. The direction is uninspired. Visually there’s not much going on. Most of the things that happen are completely preposterous or unrealistic.
I don’t know there’s just not much to like about this one. It doesn’t help Annette Bening is kind of overacting, she can be a good actress, but I’m starting to think she’s a bit overrated. Bob Balaban is good, but he always is, and again it’s really his flat and uninteresting character that doesn’t work. All in all a waste of time. There are far better comedies you could be watching. I say do yourself a favor and skip this one!

Sound of the Sea (2001) – 5 (IMDb 5.9) – Drama, Romance (Spain)
I’ll admit it I only watched this because I loved Leonor Watling so much in that Pedro Almodóvar film Talk to Her (Hable con ella). Unfortunately, Son de mar (original title) is nowhere near as good as that movie. Yeah sure, you get to see a lot more of Leonor’s beautiful body, but not even that can save this film. It’s not the worst film I’ve seen this week, but it was quite disappointing in that it was very cheesy and over dramatic. The film is not without its merits. The acting is quite good, especially Watling, but the character of Ulises (Jordi Mollà) is a bit inconsistent throughout the film and I’m not sure the actor really knew what he was doing. There are also a lot of unnecessary repetitions and silly “metaphors” that are supposed to be oh-so-profound, but end up making the film just feeling shallow.
The film is about a young woman who falls in love with this charming professor and then ends up pregnant. Since her parents are very conservative the two get married, but he probably wouldn’t have married her otherwise (it’s fair to speculate). Their relationship doesn’t seem to work out and then things only get worse. It starts out okay, and believable enough, but there are some major plot issues in the second and third act of the film. All in all just a wasted opportunity, because the story/premise had some potential to be good.

Adventures in the Sin Bin (2012) – 3 (IMDb 4.9) – Comedy (USA)
Now this movie on the other hand just pissed me off. They marketed it as a teen sex comedy, but it’s just a terrible Wes Anderson ripoff (namely Rushmore). I feel bad for even having to associate him with this crap. I have a soft spot for sex comedies. I’ve seen my fair share of misfires and “me too” products, but usually I always get a kick out of it and can at least enjoy them on a cheesiness/so-bad-it’s-good level. With a film like this one you don’t even get that. It’s unfunny (the dry humor really only seems to be working for Anderson and some Brits), there’s no sex (kind of the key ingredient of a sex comedy, don’t you think?) and it goes nowhere (they even failed to follow the simple genre tropes).
If you thought “Well, the whole idea of the sin bin is kind of original though”: Think again. It’s just another ripoff from a much older movie this time: Billy Wilder’s The Apartment. I’m not pissed because that’s one of my all time favorites and they failed to recognize it as an influence here, but I am saddened that most of the younger viewers won’t know about that movie. Anyway: Boy has a crush on a girl. Girl is kind of a bitch. He helps her getting laid with one of his friends unbeknownst to him. He finds out. Drama. Girl wonders off. He chases her. End of story. Don’t watch this one!

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