‘Bad’ Movies You Watched Last Week?

Adore (2013) – 4.5 (IMDb 6.1) – Drama (Australia)
Adore is a film about two mothers and their ridiculously sexy sons. What happens? Well, the two mothers start screwing around with the aforementioned sex gods. What happens next? Drama! Is it good drama? No. Is it bad drama? Yes. Why? Because it feels so inauthentic. It’s a poorly scripted film, lazy direction, forced plot devices and undecided tones. Sometimes the film seems to suggest certain things are “wrong” (morally speaking), next thing you know those things are completely okay, but other things that were previously considered “right” are absolutely despicable. Make up your mind folks. I mostly watched this because Naomi Watts is in it and I’m a big fan. I was also hoping for something sexy and to a certain extent it was, but then the film starts taking itself way too seriously and it’s difficult to buy into it, because the premise is the set up used in cheap porn films, except there’s almost no nudity in this film. What can you do? Don’t watch this film and check out the films in my good section!



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