‘Meh’ Movies You Watched Last Week?

Now You See Me (2013) – 6 (IMDb 7.4) – Crime, Mystery (USA)
Now You See Me is about a team of illusionists that use their craft to steal considerable amounts of money and give them to the “poor” or should I say the people who lost most because of the financial crisis. If it sounds like a modern-day Robin Hood with a bit of random social commentary thrown in there while cashing in on the Inception aesthetic: That’s exactly what it is. Sure, it’s entertaining enough, but at the end of the day it’s all about playing a trick on the moviegoers audience, and if a film’s main concern is to “blow you away” instead of just telling a good story and making it about the characters: I don’t have to respect it. My favorite part of the films are the actors, great cast, I especially enjoyed Mélanie Laurent in this, but that’s just because I’m such a huge Inglourious Basterds fan.

Blame It On Rio (1984) – 6.5 (IMDb 5.5) – Comedy, Romance, Drama (USA)
This was a nice little sex comedy, but it’s nothing extraordinary. Being a huge fan of Stanley Kubrick’s Lolita it was difficult for me to resist this film completely, but it is rather silly in its humor and execution. It all revolves around two friends that go to Rio with their daughters. One of the friends is divorcing his wife, the other friend is going through a rough patch, so it makes sense for him to cheat with his best friends daughter, right? But then we find out he’s not the only one who was cheating and then somehow stuff gets resolved in a minute or two before the credits role. The film is ultimately unsatisfying because it’s cliché filled and a bit “morally undecided” as to what message it wants to get across. There is however a Woody Allen-esque aspect to it that I found rather enjoyable.

A Good Year (2006) – 6 (IMDb 6.8) – Comedy, Drama, Romance (USA)
I certainly enjoy a good romantic film, but Ridley Scott’s A Good Year is over-the-top cheesy, schmaltzy and saccharine. It’s just too much of everything. The characters are not very realistic in my opinion. There is a bit of a twist at the end which feels unnecessary and forced and overall it’s just too preachy. The film’s attitude seems to be someone continuously repeating to the public: “I figured out everything about life”, while at the same time being a sappy fairytale. Okay, so the film is not interested in being realistic when showing a rich & successful business man traveling to la Provence (France) to sell the estate he inherited from his uncle, but were those flashbacks really necessary? I don’t think so. Even so the film looks beautiful, mostly because it’s the French countryside and Marion Cotillard and at the end of the day if you have that going for you I can’t completely dislike a film like this one.


  1. confusedalotofthetime

    I disliked this film, The really sad thing about the entire project was that Mark Ruffalo was the only decent acting job in the whole film. I literally never thought I would say that particularly regarding Michael Caine but I guess he is getting old and didn’t really care one way or the other.

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