‘Bad’ Movies You Watched Last Week?

You know that feeling of watching a film that is so bad it pisses you off you actually wasted your valuable time on it? I certainly do. I was reminded of this ugly feeling when I watched what I thought was going to be a nice indie comedy, but turned out to be a really shitty movie, frankly speaking. I rated it a 1.5 (out of 10), which I rarely do (1 is my lowest rating). I gave it a 0.5, because this film doesn’t even deserve the lowest rating, that would be some kind of achievement. How pretentious of me, I know, but I hated this film and I don’t recommend it to anyone, unless you’re a horrible person like the character in the film. Maybe then you might sympathize with her. This is the first film of 2013 I’ve seen so far. I still recommend my review though!

The Lifeguard (2013) – 1.5 (IMDb 5.9) – Drama, Comedy (USA)

By the way, I only wrote this review, because I promised I would do so in my post where I announced the trailer for it. I like to keep my promises. I don’t like trashing films, because a lot of people put work into them and some of them genuinely believe in what they’re doing and are trying to do a good job. However with a film like The Lifeguard the director’s terrible attitude and incompetence obliterates everything else, and I can’t help, but see a terrible end product that is probably mostly her fault. At the end of the day I’m judging the film, as a piece of art, and the good people that worked on it are casualties of this war called film criticism.



  1. screensnacks

    I know how you feel.

    The flipside of that is sometimes a movie is so committed to being bad its actually good. Case in point: Killer Klowns from Outer Space, which I just saw for the first time this past week. Terrible premise, terrible writing, terrible acting. But I’ll be damned if it wasn’t entertaining.


    • davideperretta

      Thanks for the recommendation! I was planning to check it out, but you sure know how to sell it 🙂

      Unfortunately as far as ‘The Lifeguard’ is concerned there are no redeeming qualities and it isn’t enjoyable on a “so bad it’s good” level..

  2. confusedalotofthetime

    😦 it’s sad that you didn’t like it. I did’t like it either, I think what really let it down was the tired story. It’s the same old same old same old. Like Girls the tv show and about a third of all movies made it’s a coming of age story. The film really had something but It just failed to pull it off.

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