Michael Cera’s Short Film ‘Failure’

Did you know Michael Cera was a director too? I didn’t. Here is his creepy/awkward four minute short film Failure, directed and starring Michael Cera himself and a drop dead gorgeous Aubrey Plaza as a stalker invading his home.

I really liked it. The Woody Allen-esque music, composed by Cera; Tobias Datum’s (SmashedKiss of the Damned) dark, but warm cinematography and a completely strange atmosphere, conveyed by two solid performances. Reminded me of a Kim Ki-duk film in it’s themes and of Alex Pardee’s genius video where he “invades” Shia LaBeouf’s house. Cera even says a similar line “Why are you in my house?” echoing Shia asking San Francisco illustrator “What are you doing in my house?”.

Looks like this is the year where the home invasion sub-genre really came back between The Purge being a Fsmash hit at the box office and You’re Next coming out at the end of August.

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