New Robert Rodriguez Short ‘Two Scoops’ is on YouTube

It’s finally here! The BlackBerry financed short film directed by “Robert Rodriguez and you”. Or so the marketing says, because I don’t remember working with the guy.

Anyway, this is a fun eleven-minutes short about two sisters working on an ice cream truck as a cover for their real job: Saving the planet evil aliens and stuff. People are missing: Their father is missing. To find him, they have to beat a terrible one-eyed monster. Sounds like a chore? Not when you have the right piece of junk.

Mixing Russ Meyer‘s sexploitation aesthetic with Spy Kids gadgets and typical Robert Rodriguez humor Two Scoops (2013) is a nice little short, only spoiled a little by some really bad CGI. The ladies, Electra Avellan and Elise Avellan, are charming, funny and look incredibly hot in their tight little outfits. The action is engaging, the dialogues sharp.

Totally sexy, totally recommended!


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