Brand New ‘Bling Ring’ Featurette

With The Bling Ring hitting theaters this very weekend it was about time we got an exciting new featurette!

In this clip director Sofia Coppola, some of the cast members (Emma Watson and Israel Broussard) and producer Youree Henley discuss the movie and the events surrounding the real ‘Hollwood Hills Burglar Bunch’. Sofia explains how she wanted the tell the story “from the kid’s point of view”. Henley adds that the youngsters didn’t necessarily want to rob the celebrities, but were more interested in being part of their lifestyle and things just escalated. There’s also some never seen before footage.

Very excited for it, even if it looks like Sofia is making fun of the ‘gang’. In my opinion that’s just the marketing team playing to people’s expectations. Knowing Coppola’s films she always loves and sympathizes with her characters. That’s probably also the reason why the reviews have been ‘mixed’ so far: People would prefer her to just condemn them, but that would be a way too narrow-minded and her films are anything but that.

Sofia Coppola’s new film is about a group of teenagers robbing Hollywood celebrities like Paris Hilton (who has a cameo in the movie), Lindsay Lohan, Miranda Kerr and Audrina Patrigde (of MTV’s The Hills fame). The crime/comedy/drama opens in the US in limited release this weekend (five theaters) and expands to 500+ on Friday, June 21st.

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